My First Week of an AdWords Campaign

This week we started our AdWords campaign. In preparation for this, we had to insert a tracker ID to allow Google to track the activity on the pages.

Although our campaigns started on Monday, I ran my campaign for a day the week before to ensure that everything was working. It was interesting to see how differently each ad perform. We can see in the screenshot below how one of the ads had lowest CTR despite having the most impressions.

Ad Campaign

Later in the week we had an opportunity to optimize our ads to improve our numbers. The biggest problem I’m seeing right now is that some of my best performing keywords are limited by budget. In an effort to use my advertising budget effectively, I’ve changed the status of my unproductive keywords to “paused”.


I also had a look at Google Analytics and discovered information on how my visitors were acquired, how they behave, and what causes them to convert – ABC. The chart below shows my numbers in the first week of my campaign. As can be seen, I don’t have my conversion goals set up yet and need to get that addressed.

Analytics - ABC

This map below shows the behavior of my visitors in the first week of my campaign. We are able to determine where visitors go to from each page, and where they exit the website.

Behavior Map

This has been an interesting first week and to see things occurring on my website this week is encouraging.





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