Writing Great AdWords Ads

Most of the money made by Google is made through advertising. A report in 2011 says that 97% of its total revenue comes from ads. Additionally, about 6 billion ads are displayed each day. This means that we are competing with other advertisers bidding for the same keywords, for our adverts to be seen.

How do you write great Google Ads that will send potential customers to your landing pages? By looking at adverts that convert well, we can see certain characteristics of in successful adverts.

Characteristics of Ads that Convert

  • Use Numbers – Numbers make an ad stand out visually and adds specificity. Examples include; only $19.99, 100% money back guarantee, and 50% discount. This also has the benefit of reducing clicks from those who don’t fit into your target group. This technique is shown in the examples below.
  • ASCII Characters – These make an ad stand out from the competition. Examples include; %, ®, +, * and can be used as shown below:


  • Provide a great offer – such as great prices and/or guarantees.


  • Call to Action – When people look at your ad, they need to know what they must do next. The advert below shows the user that they can read about the procedure by clicking on the advert. Other examples include; order now, read our reviews, and find the best prices here.


  • Benefit – are you providing a benefit? Let the user know that you have something for them such as; made in the USA, 16 hours of back-pain relief, and work from home.




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