Deconstructing Your Fears

 If you pursue your calling with discipline, intentionality, and the help of fellow travelers, what are the chances that your worst case scenario will really happen?

What are the chances this will happen? Quite good, however, as I get closer to working on my goal, I will have time to make course corrections and manage the results.

At this point in time, I’m not sure of what my niche will be. Viewing Tom Kelly’s video where he described “what are we good at?” and “what are we born to do?” made me wonder if I know what I am born to do. However, having a business of my own allows me to delegate the work that I am not born to do to others who are.


Your Fear Strategy to Mitigate Risk Way Back to the Status Quo


Is this what I really want or am I wasting my time? Find a niche that I enjoy and work on it Know when to start over without quitting


Learning Curve BYU Entrepreneur program Build on the knowledge I have


Cost of Learning Keep the costs minimum by using shareware applications such as WordPress. Learning is never wasted. Determine how the learning can be profitable.


Having the Necessary Skills BYU Entrepreneur program No Loss – just keep learning what I need to learn.


As you look at your list of fears, what themes emerge? What is at the core of what you really fear? Financial ruin? The judgment or disapproval of others? Physical harm? Endangering the ones you love? Embarrassment?

My biggest fear is based on lost opportunities. Once time and costs have been expended, one must find that resource from somewhere else in order to continue.

What is the risk of taking no action –not following your calling? How do you plan to deal with fear when it pops up on your entrepreneurial journey?

If I do nothing, nothing will happen. I’ve seen too many people settle for mediocrity and I know in my heart that the Lord has something in store for me. I don’t know what it is but throughout my life, I’ve created the conditions for good things to happen and they have. This is another instance of my faith making me take this journey and I know I will be blessed for it. At this time, I don’t know what the blessing will be.


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